Jiapeng Liu is a Photographer, Designer and Visual Effect Artist who currently based in London.

“I explore various artistic genres and express my personal aesthetic pursuits through photography. I exhibit my work through installations, projections, and prints.”

“My works often feature minimal elements to convey people’s inner emotions and my exploration of aesthetics. I blend elements of minimalism, surrealism, and other artistic schools to create visual artworks.”

“I work with light, shadows, and empty spaces to craft striking visual effects. By capturing fragmented elements, I collect and paint with them, employing the camera as the brush and light as the ink, sketching in a natural and spontaneous manner.”

“Using a concise visual language to tell the story is my visual ethos. Therefore, I follow a monochromatic photography style with clear, sharp details. Photography is the most intuitive means for me to convey the world as I see it and share my unique aesthetic perspective with others. It serves as a medium capable of transcending time to narrate a story.”

Education Background

10/22 - 12/23 London Collage of Communication, University of Arts London                                                                       
Master of Arts, Photography

09/19 - 06/22 Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton                                                                                     
Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Art-Photography
*With Upper Division of Second Class Honours

Awards and Honours

11/23 Awarded ‘Sproxton Award for Photography’ by UAL: London College of Communication

09/20 Awarded ‘Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship’ by Liaoning Province Government, China

09/19 Awarded ‘Dalian City Government Scholarship’ by Liaoning Province & Dalian City Government, China

08/19 Awarded ‘Emerging Photographer’ by Shijiazhuang Arts Centre & City Government, China

Exhibition Experience

11/23 LCC Postgraduate Show, London Collage of Communication, University of the Arts London                                       
“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” Sproxton Award winner
A Jiapeng Liu Love Story
Pseudo-documentary Photography

06/22 WSA Summer Degree Show, Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton                                                    
On The Spiritual in Art
A journey of self-discovery
Fine art Installation

07/20 DPU Open Show, Dalian Polytechnic University                                                                                                    
A Pale View of Hill
A Series of VI and poster & font Design

02/20 Young Artists Exhibition, Dalian, China                                                                                                         
Destroy & Restructure
Architecture Photography

08/19 The Emerging Photographer Exhibition, Shijiazhuang, China                                                                                    
Street Photography


Instagram: moliere_liu