Long eyelash eyes, exquisitely shaped eyebrow arches, and almost perfectly curved lips... The more common organs in the body, the stranger they become when they are mixed together. Once we have erased all knowledge of human evolution from our minds, how common will it be to accept eyes and mouths together? Just like the automatic writing proposed by Breton in the Declaration of Surrealism, when the delicate features are mixed together illogically, our first response may be weird or strange, but this surrealistic collage seems to give the viewer another perspective to deconstruct the reality.

This group of projects studied the defamiliarization of familiar things and discussed how to unstructured human features and reflect on our daily cognition. At the same time, strange photos and objects bring us different visual feelings.

Based on the photography concept of Dadaism, the project finally materialized the photos, boldly disassembled and integrated the common facial models, and explored a set of unfamiliar multidimensional viewing ways.